*Creative Title for Day 2 of No Impact Week*

Hello class,

Day two so far has been a little bit of the same as day one for me. I am trying to shower every other day this week so I guess today I would consider to be my off day. I also did not drink any coffee, since I only had this class today. Because I abandoned these two “morning rituals” (as I like to call them) I have definitely felt more tired throughout the day, but thats a very small sacrifice for this project.

It is even more apparent to me now the food I normally choose to eat leaves a fairly big carbon imprint, because these two days I have felt more hungry than full throughout the day (not that I am starving myself or anything, I am certainly eating enough food). This change is not necessarily a bad thing for me though as I have found myself eating healthier foods, something I feel is hard to do living at college, especially in a dorm room.

One of my goals was to give up processed or packaged foods as well as avoiding meat, and only eating it at most once a day. So far I have avoided meat products, a good step, but I have also found that it is harder to fill up on fruits and other non-meat or low carbon footprint foods.  I know the food aspect of this project would be easier if I lived in an apartment on campus. I would eat local eggs every morning and have an easier access to cook for myself, selecting “greener” foods than the ones the school might provide, even though Bon Apatite does a fairly good job.

As I type this, the only thing lighting up my room is my laptop. It is pretty dark right now. I hear my refrigerator next to me rumbling. These are the only two of my electronic devices I have plugged in my room right now. I am reminded of No Impact week by how my laptop and refrigerator seem too be the only things making an impact in my room right now, both environmentally and literally.

Hope you guys are doing well with this project

Will Smith


  1. I think the showering-every-other-day-ritual is a great way to reduce one’s environmental impact. I am quite impressed and would definitely do the same if it wasn’t for swimming. Chlorine is very good at keeping one clean, however my biggest issue would be dealing with dry skin from the pool and this cold weather!

    P.S. Great job on kicking the coffee! Who knows maybe it will become habit??

  2. I too have had an issue with packaged foods. I ordered pizza earlier today and so I produced lots of packaging waste from that. It makes me feel terrible about getting the pizza, but I want it! It makes me really wonder how I can possible do a project like this– I find myself selfishly choosing to get the pizza anyway. I also think it’s impressive that you’ve done such a great job cutting meat from your diet! Keep up the good work!

  3. One of my goals was to give up processed and packaged foods too! Trust me, I feel your pain. Although I’ve never been a big meat eater, I definitely agree when you say that everything food-related this week would be easier living in an apartment. Cutting down on snacking and trying to eat local in Curtis is turning into quite the challenge for me personally. Hopefully it will become an easier adjustment throughout the week!

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