Day 1: Abashed lateness

While this post is coming about 16 minutes late (bad start), it comes after a day which constantly surprised and on multiple occasions had me on my toes.

My goals for this week are such:

  • Eat no meat
  • Eat less food
  • Use substantially less electricity
  • Use no motor powered forms of transportation
  • Unplug devices that don’t need to be plugged in
  • Tell people about No Impact week
  • Take no shower longer than 2 minutes
  • Generate zero waste (trash containers)
  • Recycle correctly

I started my day off luckily, since my roommate sleeps in pretty late every day so I’m pretty used to getting ready for the day without lights on anyways. I headed over to Huffman for breakfast, where I faced my first challenge: food consumption. I am a proud eater, and for as long as I can remember have had a propensity to eat large quantities of food in pretty short amounts of time. So when I walked up to the server of bacon with my mouth watering, my heart sank as I remembered my commitment to put aside my carnivore tendencies for the week. With my tail between my legs I shuffled over to the oatmeal.

My body also chose the right day to decide to let itself get really congested, so the hankie in my back pocket has been getting pretty frequent use. Good for him.

After my afternoon classes I had to run back to my room to drop off some books and have some down time. I instinctively sat down on the couch and reached for the remote before realizing how much power the TV probably uses, as well as how much work I should probably get done. I have a feeling that I won’t have that much willpower in the coming days.

I didn’t have time to get a lunch since I had to finish some time-sensitive work, so by the time dinnertime rolled around I was ready to attack my food with a screaming ferocity. Curtis dining hall decided to tempt me by serving barbecue brisket, and as fate would have it, I love barbecued meat almost as much as I love my cat, Edgar. I managed to opt for the vegetarian option: seitan. I’d seen this offered before, and really wasn’t sure what it was other than the fact that it was doused in the same sauce as the brisket and that it sort of resembled meat. I piled my plate high with this gluteny “delight” and some asparagus, rice, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and a couple of slices of cheese pizza. A man has needs.

At the end of the day, I sit here optimistic about the rest of the week and a little bit hungry for something savory.


I wish I was a little bit taller.