DAY 2: A Little Bit of Progress and a Long Way To Go

Well, luckily today I at least remembered I was participating in the project! I still continued to collect quite a bit of waste, but I took a three minute shower and I unplugged some of my appliances, so I am making progress! I also tried to eat in the dining halls today so I would not produce so much waste from packaged foods, but I still got dinner to go in Slayter.

Unfortunately, I still spent most of my day in a lit room and I used my computer while plugged in a lot. However, I did go through my day more aware of what I was consuming and how I could lessen my impact! I’d say it was definitely more successful than yesterday!

Marguerite Fall


  1. That’s great! I bet by the end of the week we will be pros (maybe, maybe not seeing as Dr. Aguilar still struggles a little bit). But at least you’re aware!

  2. Its great to see that your making progress! If you haven’t seen my post, today I found that by working in an empty classroom with an open window (preferably facing the sun), it was quite easy to get my work done without turning on the lights.

    Keep up the good work!

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