Day 2: Cough dropping the ball

Today was the day where I realized how tough some of these low-impact decisions can be. Definitely one of my longer days.

One of the biggest slip-ups was based on my sickness that’s got a lot worse today. What was yesterday just some severe sniffles turned into a pretty substantial cough, which worried me since I’ve got the performance of Messiah this coming Saturday (which you should all go to by the way) which requires quite a bit of singing. So today, in order to try to curb this unfortunate turn, I pulled out my bag of Halls and tore through it. My throat feels better and rehearsal went well, but unfortunately the wrappers aren’t recyclable so I had to break my streak of generating no trash. This was the biggest transgression against my goals so far this week, but hopefully I’ll be able to go the rest of the week without needing any more of those little buggers. I’ve thought about going down to CVS and grabbing a bag of Ricola cough drops since apparently their wrappers are recyclable, but then I’d be breaking my “don’t buy anything” goal, plus the fact that I have this half-full bag of perfectly good Halls.. Was a man ever placed in more delicate a situation?

From my perch on the couch I had a full view of my roommate’s and my in-room snack collection: a bulk bag of Reese’s, a wide assortment of protein bars, and Welch’s fruit snacks. Knowing that just a thin layer of non-recyclable petrochemical film lays between me and snacking heaven was killing me, but then I remembered the most beautiful thing: a Ziploc bag full of homemade cookies – no plastic wrappers around those. A few of the morsels later and satisfaction was reached… for now.

Besides my trash predicament and struggle against wrapped snacks (which I feel I’ll eventually lose), I had a pretty awesome thing happen with my roommate. He told me that he’d noticed my list of goals on my desk and that he was going to make an effort to start conserving electricity around the room, namely by turning off our window fan when we aren’t in the room (we like the room chilly). This gave me a newfound optimism, since I definitely considered this a fulfillment of my goal of telling people about my NI goals (and hopefully convincing them how easy it is to work towards them). So while I felt like I’d slipped up a tad bit today, the fulfillment of one of my other goals made me end the day on what I feel to be a strong note.



I wish I was a little bit taller.

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  1. I had no idea that Ricola’s wrappers were recyclable! Good call.

    I know how you feel when it comes to the packaged foods. I’m all for fruits and veggies and I don’t eat meat, but sometimes you need something to take to your room or to grab and go that isn’t a mushy apple. Not to mention that meal swipes are limited, and buying from Slayter can just be so convenient. Good luck!

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