Day 2: New Challenges

As day 2 of No Impact Week comes to an end I find that I am experiencing a conflict of interest. I am working very hard to adjust my lifestyle during this week to produce as little waste as possible and promote environmentally conscious decisions. My biggest challenge is the swim meet I have (along with Mary) later this week. The meet is being held in Miami of Ohio and although it is not too far away, we are required to travel there as a team. This means I will be taking a bus which definitely has an impact. Not to mention I am also concerned about changing certain aspects of my lifestyle such as my diet, especially before a big competition.

On a brighter note, I did not use any napkins or paper towels today. This is a big improvement from yesterday’s easily-avoided mistakes. Since I did not have any classes today, I spent most of my time doing homework in either Olin or Hibbs Library. However, instead of turning on the lights, I found that by raising the window shades I was able to get enough sunlight from which I could work by. My showers remain around two minutes long and yet another day goes by where I have not purchased any products whatsoever.

Despite my improvements, I am caught up in the guilt of my granola bar addiction (the only waste I am making). So far I have had two today and I do plan on terra-cycling them when I get the chance. My diet is definitely the biggest hurdle I am facing. If anybody has any dietary tips for a full-time athlete, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Until then, another day and another granola bar…

Nathan Thorne


  1. I’m trying to exchange packaged snacks for fruit, not so local necessarily but at least there’s not the impact of the transportation and packaging. But yeah granola bars so good. . .

  2. I agree with your granola problem. I find myself wanting to snack and finding that everything is in individual packages

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