Day 2: So much trash..

Today had a few more green improvements than yesterday. First, I had a cold shower that was under 5 minutes AND military style which I’m so proud of! Even though I love my hot showers in the morning, I probably needed the cold to wake me up.

I have been trying really hard to save energy. I have kept appliances unplugged except for my fridge, my phone for an hour, and my laptop for about 45 minutes. The overhead lights have been somewhat of a struggle. In Shep, we have two overhead lights and one light by our sink. I’ve been trying my best to avoid the overheads, but it seems to be a habit to flip them both on right when I walk in when it’s dark. I’m working on this, but the darkness is hard for someone as clumsy as me to deal with.

As for trash, I’ve taken up the pillow case idea. I started using it for little things, like taking off my make up, which ¬†usually use a cotton ball for. I actually found this to work a lot better. There is still some waste that I need to work on. I never really realized how wasteful gum is until I found all the little pieces of paper at the bottom of my backpack. I never realized how little things add up so much, such as my gum wrappers, food wrappers, and containers from Slayter.

Eating sustainably is a huge struggle. And I will just leave it at that. I am still trying to eat more raw local fruits and veggies, but this morning I slipped and had a granola bar. Luckily, I am a vegetarian so avoiding meat isn’t a problem. Although, there are still times where I crave something processed and packaged, especially while studying.

I’m working on it, but I still have some ways to go!

Melissa Zarate

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  1. Cold showers are definitely beneficial and impact less, but I can’t find it in me to approach them yet. It sounds like your energy consumption is really low which is awesome! It’s great that you’re using ideas from the book. I’m also trying to use ideas from the book regularly. Gum is definitely a huge challenge to overcome, so best of luck for that one. Fight through that study snack craving!

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