Day 2: Ugh

I’m sitting here, typing away on my computer feeling uber guilty. Really, it’s not my fault. Not at all. It’s my roommates! I asked both of them, twice, if they were going to be in the room, because of course I don’t want to just suck up the light for myself. I need accomplices.  They said yes. Can you guess where they are now? Not in the room. That’s where. Frustration station! I guess I could get off my lazy bum and hike it to the library…. meh. Nope. Not gonna happen. I’ll just txt them repeatedly till I get too annoying for them to ignore and come back so I don’t feel so guilty. Good plan. I like it.

I’ve done pretty well today. My nose blanket is quickly becoming my best friend. Now I use them for napkins, along with snot rags. Delicious. I also tried to have foods that would be available in the winter since I couldn’t find many things that were locally grown. So that means spinach, eggs, bread , cheese, and  mushrooms in dfferent combos for most of my meals. Which is actually convenient because I love all of those things. The lure of a social activity did overpower my guilt concerning dinner. I met my friends at Slayter after working on the final project and (gasp!) used one of those totally not at all sustainable dinner plates. Eek! However, I did try to use winter vegetables in my wrap. I also haven’t eaten any meat today. That’s not so hard for me. I don’t usually eat meat while I’m on campus anyways. Now when I’m home, that’s the trouble. Eating has also produced another problem for me: washing my hands. Seems that all of a sudden the dining halls and Slayter have decided to not restock their hand sanitizers. Great timing, guys. Really superb. Now I have to use a paper towel to dry my hands when I wash them before I eat. Alas, I will continue to prowl around for hand sanitizer. Maybe it’ll magically appear one day this week. Wouldn’t that just be grand?

Other than that I’m doing pretty well. I’m not charging my electronic for longer than I actually need to. As in I now let my computer get pretty low on power so I don’t over use the charger. I do the same with my phone now. My shower routine has stayed the same. I always used to turn the water off wile I was soaping or whatever. I used to allow myself one day where I could keep it on the whole time. This week I’ve gotten rid of that day. Let’s just hope the bathroom doesn’t get down to 40 degrees…. again. Yeah. Not fun.

That’s all for today, kids. Stay strong.


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