Day two: strengths and weaknesses

The Second day for me was much like the first.  I succeeded at several things.  My appliances all are unplugged when I am not using them, but my roommates still use the stereo and like the lights on.  I try to keep them off when they are gone and use common rooms when I need light to read or do homework.  What I thought would be the hardest was showering.  both days I have taken one five minute shower to start the morning.  In order actually stay clean throughout the day I make sure I wash my hands after meals and avoid touching my face.  Using electricity and lowering water intake are the easy things to me, but there are a few things i need to get better at as the week goes on.

My biggest concern has been food waste and consumption.  Let’s be honest Curtis hasn’t been on their game since the end of Thanksgiving break so I have been throwing away a little more food than I would like to.  My goal is to ask for smaller portions and eat less meat.  Meat has been too large of my diet because it is one of the few things I am certain of.  In order to solve this I am going to choose more fruit options and eat in between meals so that I am less hungry.  Other than that I have not been on a motorized vehicle yet and still hope to not do so all week.

Tip of the day:  Use metal keys instead of keycards to get into residence halls so you don’t have to use an electronic reading.

Enjoy the warm day tomorrow,

Rory McGinnis

Rory McGinnis


  1. Interesting tip Rory. Never really thought about that. I know your roommates may definitely be a challenge, but communication could be key there. I’ve talked to my roommate a lot, and he has agreed to try and unplug appliances and keep the lights off, which has been very successful.

  2. It is unfortunate that your roommates turn the lights on, that seems to be the biggest “energy consumption”. And I am on the same page when it comes to the curtis food, its gone a bit down hill. It makes it pretty hard to eat “right” and not waste.

  3. Giving up meat has definitely been hard. I feel like its something I normally include in every meal, but this week I have tried giving it up. Eating fruit has seemed to be working well for me, although it is not as filling as other foods. I’ve heard its healthier to eat many small meals throughout the day instead of few, large ones. So maybe your plan of having small snacks in between meals and asking for smaller portions at meals will in tern be a good thing for you.

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