Alright, I have to be honest: I think I’ve been cheating? I don’t know. All I really know is that I’m kind of eating whatever I want from the dining halls as long as it’s not in packaging and not meat. OH SHOOT I just realized I had pepperoni on my pizza. ok, darn. It was only a little. I can offset that by…not eating meat later! ha!

Last night I challenged myself to a really quick shower. I actually managed to do my normal shower routine in 2 minutes instead of 5 or 6. Accomplishment!!! I felt really proud of myself mainly because I didn’t wait for the water to warm up. I just jumped right in the freezing cold and yelped a bit, but then I got used to it.

this morning I needed to change my contacts because the ones I was wearing ripped. Uh oh. So the individual contact boxes need to be thrown out (ugh) and I’m not sure about the big cardboard boxes that hold them all? It’s all in Japanese so…I don’t know what their recycling symbols look like. I would like to just wear my glasses but I can’t see with them very well anymore and also they give me a headache so we’re out of luck there!

do you guys think these mean recycle?!

do you guys think these mean recycle?!

Ok so here’s my dilemma so far: when I’m invited to do things that use electricity and transportation should I go? Because these events are going to go on even if I’m not there, so if I go is it really going to cause a negative impact? Like tonight, I’m going to the John Mayer concert in Columbus and four of us are carpooling there. They’d still be driving even if I wasn’t going. The concert is going to happen no matter what, so I’m just one more person…does that make a difference? ALSO, I’m totally keeping my ticket stub for memories! ..so no trash!!?!?!?



  1. Margaret, I heard you talking about this concert in class and Colin mentioned a similar issue in his book as well. If those communal services of transportation are going to be utilized whether you go or not, does it count against you as a negative environmental impact? Why not just take the subway and not count it? Or why not go to the library where it will be lit whether you’re there or not? But the conclusion I came to was that we just can’t afford to think that way if our goal is truly to make an environmental impact. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to the concert– you definitely SHOULD. However, I just think that in general it is an interesting question to consider. If everyone thought about it and decided to no longer utilize those communal spaces and transportation, they would probably no longer run– but then everyone would just use the energy up themselves, so does it really make a difference?For example, if people didn’t take the subway, they would use some other form of transportation like their personal car. But why wouldn’t they just use the already established transportation and not add the emissions from their own car to it? It’s a very confusing problem!

  2. I feel your pain..It is really hard to resist pepperoni pizza when I was starving because I tried to eat fewer snacks. Btw,The character inside the circle means “paper” in Chinese. I guess it either means recyclable or reusable.

  3. First, the most important thing is that you are thinking about your actions.
    Second, you are only cheating if you are not adhering to your goals. Remember, everybody created different goals.
    Third, go to John Mayer. You will regret it if you don’t…and this project is not about creating regret.
    Although, this is the crux. I’m sitting here with only a light on and just had dinner by myself in total silence. I’m longing for something to keep me entertained, like tv!!!…and I’m feeling like this tv moment is the same as Colin’s pizza moment. Why shouldn’t I just turn on the tv? Is it really making that much of a difference that I, alone, have decided not to turn on my tv?????

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