No Impact Day 2: Less Xbox

Not starting the day with a cup of coffee was rough today. After my class I had no energy and nearly went straight to Slayter for a ‘cup of joe’ like cool kids like to call it. However, I made the commute (3 minute walk which seems like a mile) to Shorney for a cup to use at Slayter. After saving the life of a tree I deserved a break so I walked back to Shorney. I was about to turn on my xbox and waste a few hours until ENVS lab, but then I realized I was about to use a quality amount of energy. After putting some research into how much it wastes, I learned that it usesĀ 2.42 amps when playing a game. That’s quite a bit of energy for someone who’s trying not to make an impact.

What am I supposed to do now? Read a book?

I read 60 pages before falling asleep. After this terrible ordeal I went for some lunch. I planned to only grab as much food as I needed, instead of balancing two overpacked plates and a glass of Cherry Coke to an open table, as I usually do. I successfully at a meal with no meat and a good amount of veggies. I hate that word.

So the day has come to an end and after a breath-taking two minute shower, I deserve to scroll around online for 30 minutes and go to bed.

Hope you guys are fighting through everything you can.


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  1. Resisting that coffee is so tough, I know. I suggest tea! It’s better for you and doesn’t give you coffee breath (ok not you specifically, but in general). Also, those tea bags are compostable I think.

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