No Impact Week: Day #2

Day two has brought me to the conclusion that my goals for this week might be a bit harder to achieve that I originally thought. I forgot to time myself in the shower when I woke up this morning but I did have more time for breakfast so that might be a good indicator that I spent less time that usual. Once I was in the shower though I did try turning the water off while I put shampoo in my hair. It might save water but those 3o seconds are very cold first thing in the morning.

I ate at Huffman for all of my meals today but I still was not able to cut meat out of my diet. Looking at the food list we made in class and the meals we tried to create, it is very hard to eat sustainably during the colder part of the year. I do love eggs but they don’t have that for lunch or dinner. Eating at Huffman has decreased the amount of trash I produce in a day. I had to throw away a wrapper in the middle of the day because I was dying of hunger and had to get a snack. I also felt very tired trying to do all of my work so I had to get a soda for some caffeine. Not too bad compared to many other Americans or even myself on a regular day.

I have continued to do the majority of my work in common rooms as to avoid using the lights in my room. I have found that I don’t really use the TV in my room that often because I rather take a nap or don’t have time will all of my school work. I have had to keep my laptop plugged in a lot due to the amount of time I spend on it writing papers and doing research. I feel that my energy consumption has gone done significantly because I have been eating on campus and have not had the need to go out anywhere.

My biggest problem so far is that I am always hungry though out the day and want something to eat. Problem is that everything comes in a individual wrapper that I will have to throw away. I still have not figured out how to solve this problem while on campus. At home my mom normally makes cookies and various other snacks that are don’t come in a million wrapper. So, to combat the hunger issue between meals, I end up eating more at the dining hall. The problem with that is it normally ends with eating more meat or more foods that are not organic. But I guess nothing is perfect and I’m not going to solve the problem in a day. After all its about cutting back. I cant fix the world myself.

Cameron Kahl


  1. I liked your idea of using the common room as a place to work. That’s something I’ll start doing. Good work!

  2. I have problems with the snacking thing too. this is probably bad advice, but I’m going to give it anyways. I take cookies, muffins, whatever from the huffman/curtis deserts and eat those throughout the day. I’m paying for them. Might as well. I do this with fruit too. If I think I’ll want an apple later, I just stuff it in my bag. Just don’t get caught.

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