Sick Day Benefits. No Impact Week: Day 2

I’m sick. Partly why I was looking so zoned out in class today. After a successful day yesterday, I was in the mood to break a few self made rules for the week and eat some meat and spend a few extra minutes in the shower today.But that didn’t happen.

Because I’m sick. It’s the kind where your head, eyes, throat, body hurt and happiness is not a thing. My morning (afternoon because I woke up at 1pm) shower lasted no more than 3 minutes, beating yesterday’s time by a good 5 minutes.This was partly ¬†because I didn’t want to risk catching a cold. I missed breakfast and lunch because of waking up late.
I went to my ENVS lab after getting ready.

I came back and slept again. It was such a confusing day. I felt sad about my life because the only reason I felt like I was not impacting my environment was because¬†I WASN’T DOING ANYTHING.

At 7 pm I took a small shower (3 minutes) to clear any sign of superficial sickness. I shaved, using a lot less water than I normally do. I closed the faucet everytime I wasn’t using the water.
I proceeded to Slayter for a late dinner, consisting of 3 fruits and a ‘Peace Tea’. My ‘peace tea’ can was my only waste today.
So I feel like today was almost ‘impact free’, with a little help from my urge to do nothing.

-Ridhim Seth

Ridhim Seth

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  1. awe hope you get better soon!! ahaha the not doing anything part reminds me of the ho-hum life. But yup I’m getting sick too so I’ll probably start feeling the same way as you pretty soon. Good job on the 3-minute shower that’s impressive! I’m down to 10…. whatever.

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