Take two at No Impact

I’m really not sure what I want to post today and I thought about quite a few options on my walk back from A-quad, which I did without my cellphone in hand today. The walk without my cellphone at first was strange for me. I walked around Slayter instead of through it because it was so nice out and I was really excited to be walking uninhibited by technology, because that’s how I like to take Ho- Hum time by walking aimlessly and just thinking, granted that generally only happens after midnight when somethings on my mind. However, by the time I was at the commons there were people I didn’t know walking towards me having a conversation, quick pull out the cellphone – oh no cellphone tuck head and keep walking. At least that’s what I did the first couple of times, and then I was ready to own my walk and I ran into a friend, at which point I was ready to keep walking and enjoying the day and our beautiful campus which I did. It’s a bit brisk out for me so I didn’t continue to wander though I did consider it.

I decided to come in and blog in the dark again but it’s interesting because even though I went to sleep earlier than normal yesterday, and attempted to sleep in today (my RA locked himself out of our building and texted me at 7:35am smh) I’m still really tired even though I’ve hardly done anything today. I’m thinking I need to wander somewhere the lights will be on so that I stay awake otherwise I’m napping. I knew that lights were important to get me up, my goal is really to only use it to wake up and get my butt outta bed then turn it off for everything else and I forgot to plug it in before I went to sleep last night so I didn’t use any lights this morning though I did leave my door open while looking for something so I had a little more light. But I’m still impressed that this early in the project I’m already being affected by the lights or rather lack there of.

The other interesting thing I noticed today was despite the conversations about taking shorter colder showers (which is always a good thing to do minus the cold part not a fan of that) but what about water for washing my face or washing my hands? I noticed that I always go for the warm water because I’m always cold (if you don’t believe me ask my roommate whose walked into our room where I’m sitting in 6 layers shivering). Though the water is never on long, I don’t leave it running when I’m washing my face, it still is having to attempt to heat it for me so as a kind of late addition to my goals I’m going to continue to try and remember to only use cold water from the faucets.

I’m sure there are other things to explore and delve into during this week but they are just going to have to wait until later in the week. Day two almost down and I’m gonna go lay down.




  1. HA I could never get through a quad without my cellphone. Oh gosh that’s depressing. But OMG I understand the awkwardness when a group of people walk by that you don’t know. I don’t get it. Why does it feel less awkward to look at your phone? Hm.. whatever I am a culprit of doing it. Good job on not using lights! I’m still working on that. I always forget they’re on!! haha ugh. struggling..

  2. Taking walks without technology is definitely interesting. You’re much more likely to take in your surroundings.. as well as have a couple awkward glances with strangers. I also didn’t think about the water heated to wash my hands or face. I will try not to do that as well, although I’m always cold too.

  3. it’s good that you enjoy walking around I wish I could say the same. I spend most of my non homework time in the library reading, granted that using common room electricity and not watching t.v. is better for the environment. I feel like both strategies are good things to do with time that used to be occupied by screens

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