Day 2 – No Impact Week

Today was frustrating. I still did not make my morning cup of coffee, so I was grumpy. (Sorry for those of you who had to see me this morning.) And then the short shower thing: yeah, not working so well. And it’s so difficult to pass up the packaged foods in Huff. Like the cookies.. Okay I didn’t actually eat one, they were out by the time I went up there… so yeah bad on my part. The rest of my diet was pretty healthy and chosen carefully! I was definitely more aware of my food choices today.

Okay, so on to the next little change: Umm.. so this may be strange.. but I guess you all know I have a pet rat. Well to change his cage, instead of using store-bought cedar chips, I can use old newspaper scraps! Sorry Amadeus, probably not so comfortable anymore! He can get used to it. I could also use any little trash scraps as well.

Compost Police: Oh so pretty funny. Today I almost straight up shouted at this dude throwing his COMPOSTABLE food into the trash bin. He’ll be happy I was feeling nice.. So yeah needless to say, I’m now conscious of everyone else’s decisions too. Can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing at this point.

So I feel kinda guilty using my laptop right now…. which is plugged in to an outlet because it died after not being plugged in in forever. So I’ll wrap this off and save some electricity! YAY 🙂


Maddie VanScoder

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  1. I commend your bravery, especially your being the compost police. Seeing non-compostables in the compost in the dining halls is one of my biggest pet peeves, so I’m glad I know that we’ve got people out there fighting for the bins. KEEP IT UP!

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