Day 3: The Queen of Persuasion

I am the queen of persuasion. No joke. I’ve successfully convinced my mother to replace our paper towels with rags and kleenex with nose blankets. I also told her how we could grow mushrooms with her coffee grounds (a caffeine fiend that woman) and she thought it was a great idea. Especially since mushrooms are so darn expensive right now. I walk through life constantly impressed with myself but today, man… I’m amazed. Much wow. So impress. Quite sustain.

Today has been my most sustainable day so far. I haven’t used any napkins but for once when I dried my  hands after I washed them.I also went without butter in Huffman this morning in order not to have to throw away the packaging it comes in. Evil little pieces of plastic everywhere, I swear! I was pretty despondent about is in the beginning, then I realized that I couldn’t actually taste the difference when I piled my omelet on top of my toast. My life has been a lie up to this point. I feel betrayed by my taste buds. We’re having words. It’s serious.

I am also casually sitting in the dark in my room typing this up. Once again, my roommates decided to get lives and leave when it’s dark out. Curses! There’s a tiny light on and my computer is open. I’d light a candle, but since that’s not allowed in dorms I can’t. Joy. I have also wanted to go get River Road many a time this week, and have valiantly refrained. 10 points to Gryffindor!

I work in the library checking in the various magazines and journals Denison gets. This means I am tearing open at least 20 packaged journals/foreign magazines a day. Apparently, those bags are recyclable! So, I’ve been doing that every day too. It’s getting progressively easier as the days continue. This is a very good thing. By Friday, it should be no problem. Here’s to hoping.

Stay golden, ponyboy.


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