Day 3

Well I failed this morning when I woke up and realized that I couldn’t find my Tupperware that I was so proud of using yesterday. I’m pretty sure one of the cleaning ladies found it in some common room, rolled her eyes at my not-yet-washed Tupperware, and threw it away. So I feel bad about that.

Everything else went pretty well, but I’ve got to say I don’t think that I could give up meat.

After lunch, I decided I should work out before the night got busy, so I went down to gym. But why waste such a nice day? And I’d never been to the Bio Reserve so ran over there and through the trails. It was just what I needed being I am all stressed about the final weeks.

Three things I realized out running around the Bio Reserve:

(1) I really need to let go of all the things that I materialize. It was really muddy in the Bio Reserve and I was getting mud all over the nice running shoes I got for my birthday. The first thing I thought was “Poop on a stick! I’m going to have to buy new shoes.” But because I had time to think about it, I came to the conclusion that my thought process was ridiculous; my shoes were perfectly fine, they just looked dirty. That is why I had avoid trail running, but it was so fun and relaxing that I really don’t care that my shoes are dirty. (I even got a bunch of scratches and mud marks up my legs that I felt proud about walking back.)

(2) I thought I was going to be late for Gospel Choir because I saw the same sign at least three times, but I really did not mind if I was late or not. The exercise and time to myself was worth being a little bit late (which I will not be; I made it back in time to even write this post).

(3) Country music is the best.



  1. I think taking some “ho hum” time at the reserve would be good for me as well. I might add that to my schedule for the next few days and see how it is.

  2. I also saw you on the track today and almost said hi, but you were walking back to the rock and I was by the shed. . . but props to you for taking a nice long workout and enjoying the bio reserve. I really want to explore out there sometime. Also I second country music being the best!

  3. I applaud you; both for working out (which I do not do) and also choosing the Bio Reserve! That seems like a great idea. I have the same mindset as you when it comes to getting things like shoes dirty. It’s nice to step off the hedonic treadmill for a bit though, and think, I’m going to keep these shoes! Not just because they are made to protect my feet from the ground and they still do that, but because we will not be manipulated by corporations and society!

  4. Thats really interesting that reminds me of this Thanksgiving break. My mom wanted to take me shopping and I really wanted to. i thought about the project coming up in the next week and figured I shopped pretty recently. I will probably end asking for some clothes for christmas but I am probably going to try to take it easily. Good Job!

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