Day 3

The good news is I got both my showers down to 5 minutes! Unfortunately I created unnecessary trash. I had to get my lunch to go so I had lots of wrappers. I didn’t get the bottled water available though! Instead I used my water bottle. A new (very annoying) thing that Huffman does now is only have prepackaged peanut butter, jelly, and butter. They used to have it in bowls but this week it is all in single packages. I use all these items everyday and it’s very frustrating that they have switched to this packaging. It creates lots of unnecessary waste.

I also was not very good about eating locally today….. We have a meet starting tomorrow for the rest of the weekend and it is really not good to change your diet right before. So I did have fruit and meat today. I also used my Keurig today with some imported coffee.

I have been good about my lights today! I mostly napped after class so the lights were off. I don’t have much work tonight so I can sit in my room with the light of my computer.

Tomorrow and Friday are going to be tough for me and Nathan. We will be at a swim meet in a hotel living with 3 other people, so it may be almost impossible to create less impact…..Maybe I can hassle my roommates about the lights though…..

Mary Van Leuven

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  1. Yeah I can’t imagine how you guys deal with the whole food situation as athletes, especially swimmers that burn SO many calories. I’ve seen good recipes for granola bars, which would eliminate that packaging, if you like cooking your own food.

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