Day 3: Bounceback?

Today is the first day I found myself really kicking myself for setting the goals that I did.. and then subsequently breaking them.

The biggest thing that got me today was transportation. I was going strong all day (so many composted tea bags), and then this evening I needed to get to A-quad from South quad pretty fast and accepted a ride up from my friend, effectively breaking my “no rides or transportation” rule. During the ride I found myself thinking about the reasoning behind why I set that goal for myself. My friend was going to be driving up without me, so essentially the same amount of emissions regardless of whether or not I was in the car. It really got me thinking, but sad that I’d let myself down nonetheless.

Also, I very much accidentally ate some chicken today.. In Huffman there was a vegetarian chili listed on the menu and I asked the server for the vegetarian chili, but apparently they either misheard me or weren’t sure which one was which, so what I thought was tofu turned out to be chunks of chicken. By far the most delicious mistake I’ve made thus far.

Overall I’m feeling good. Still hungry, but good. I’m proud of how I managed to stay away from the trashy items today and I’m really starting to get used to not using anything with packaging.
Viva la terra!


I wish I was a little bit taller.

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  1. I was so close to getting a ride up the hill after last night’s rehearsal! I bit the bullet and didn’t get a ride up– even though the ride offered was from my roommate and we were going to the exact same place. Also, the dining hall workers need to get themselves together when it comes to labeling the food and serving the right foods! I miss those days when we could serve ourselves (also known as the days when I gave myself like 6 pounds of potatoes at breakfast). Keep ya chin up, Teddy! You’re doing great!

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