Day 3: Hibernation is Key

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I realized something life changing today. Four hours naps = four hours of zero impact on the earth. Excellent connection, I know. Absolutely life changing. I may or may not just be using this logic to make me feel better for wasting my days away sleeping in my bed…still. No impact. Go me.

I let myself think that four hours of zero productivity meant that I deserved pizza for lunch. My logic today is just off the charts… (Colin could resist, I couldn’t. Sorry.)

Also, kudos to everyone on their speedy showering accomplishments so far this week. I vaguely wrote as a goal “Take shorter, cooler showers”. Ha. I had been hesitating on focusing on this goal, trying to avoid it at all costs, really. But I finally caved and my three minute ice bath was possibly the worst thing in the world. Baby steps…

Good news! No waste today! Except for dinner, I treated myself to Slayter (Curtis is becoming unbearable), but saved the container to hopefully use for compost this week. So whoever I got that idea from, thanks!

Bad news…sleeping for four hours means running out of daylight. Aka forcing myself into the depths of the library so I have some light. I’m hoping I can convince myself to do my homework while the sun is still up tomorrow…

Final thought: automatic sinks. What a waste of energy and water, especially when the water continues to run, even for a few seconds, when the person is done washing their hands. When did someone have the idea that turning on a faucet was too much work? I suppose you could argue against germs but seriously. What is that chemically-laden soap there for?



  1. I too had that “realization” that naps are good for the environment. And also felt pretty unproductive afterwards.

  2. Huffman is definitely a major issue I have been craving almost anything else. Thats why I had to make a stop at dragon village tonight.

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