Day 3: Improvement?

I have realized that I am just terrible at this project! However, I think I am getting better. This morning my roommate got out of bed and immediately flipped on the light switch. But, I quickly dove out of bed and flipped the switch off and saved the day! “Remember I’m doing this No Impact thing this week,” I told her. She rolled her eyes and proceeded to get dressed in the dark.

I also managed to take a two minute and 45 second shower today– a pretty impressive feat if I do say so myself. And I really paid close attention to my water usage throughout the day, being careful not to waste.

However, I did drive to Newark today for lunch. I find that the hardest part of this project for me to meet is the food. Either my food is packaged, not local, or I have to drive to get it. To meet this project completely, I would have to completely alter the way I eat. And I really don’t feel that I can do that in the college setting. If I lived on my own and there were a good farmer’s market in town, I would definitely be able to do better!

Marguerite Fall


  1. Yes I agree with everyone that shower time is very impressive. I am still struggling with 5 minutes….. The food is very hard for me as well. If I were home it would be much easier, but with our limited selection on campus it is hard to keep it local!

  2. You think your bad at this and you took a 2 minute shower? Girllll you’re doing great! That’s my hardest part haha! Come eat with me! I actually haven’t been struggling that much with the food. Huff has some good choices 🙂 Let’s get lunch or din soon and eat healthy and sustainably!

  3. The food has been my downfall too. Which is worse, the guilt or the hunger pangs? Having a farmer’s market, particularly in a different season, would be so exciting! But I think that would definitely have its challenges as well. Although I am definitely up for a challenge.. just walking into Curtis has become nauseating.

  4. I agree with the food dilemma! I am constantly hungry between meals and cant find anything to snack on that does not come in wrappers

  5. Man, a two minute and 45 second shower is quite impressive. I’ve only gotten mine down to 4 minutes at this point. I do agree about the food, though.. If we were too be as little impact as possible, it would take a change in location and a place to really cook.

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