Day 3 – No Impact

Hi all,

Today has definitely been the hardest day. I woke up this morning giving myself a limited time to shower or else I’d be late to class. So I HAD to be quick. And ya know what? That didn’t even work. I was just late for class because I couldn’t get out of that shower!! I barely ate anything today so that’s a plus. Probably because I’m getting sick. (Thanks for jinxing me Ridhim.) So I was good on trash. Good on food. I made my friends make sure they composted their food today too! I also made sure my food was organic. Wow I was on a roll with my food today 🙂

But oh my gosh, you have no idea how bad I just want to take a leisure shower. I’m the type of sick when you get all shivery and cold.. so a hot shower would be amazing. But hey, that’s what they make blankets for… Thankfully I don’t have a runny nose, so no tissues have been used! Woo! Maybe this little cold is a good thing?

Well that’s honestly about it for my day. Sorry I’m boring!  Hope you guys are all doing well!

Maddie VanScoder

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  1. Sometimes I find myself wanting that leisure shower as well. In truth, this is all a mental game. Everything’s just toying with you, and really comes down to how well you can resist the temptation to give in to it.

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