Day Three: A Little Better

the struggle with the roommates continues.  The good new is that they did make it out of the room for a little today.  I turned off an unplugged all of the appliances.  I really enjoyed sitting in such a dark room.  It made me a lot more productive with the homework I did on my computer and because I couldn’t see my surroundings or hear anything else there were zero distractions.  I am counting this habit as one that will stay with me beyond the No Impact Project.

The diet was a little better today.  I managed to stray away from meat during dinner time which was a plus.  Meat probably consists of about 40 percent of my diet witch I know is high but is much better than when I started.

I got caught up a little in the shower today so I will try to take a shorter one tomorrow to make up for the wasted energy.

One of the benefits I have noticed this week is that I am much healthier both above and below the head.  With my spare time I have been mostly working out and reading.  Reading especially has made me feel a lot smarter and I have less headaches!  I recommend it to anyone who is looking to fill their extra free time.

Hang in There!

Rory McGinnis

Rory McGinnis


  1. I’m starting to understand the struggle with your roommates! Mine will leave the bathroom light on all day for no reason, and I won’t notice until late in the afternoon. But it is good that you are taking some control with the situation by unplugging everything. It sounds like you are getting some “ho-hum” time, which is really good! I hope to be able to do the same at some point.

  2. It is pretty rough that your roommates aren’t down for no impact, I feel that if they were that would be a world of difference. It is definitely hard to eat less meat, but its great that your cutting down on it, That has been my biggest struggle this week by far.

  3. Definitely going to try sitting in a dark room in silence that sounds so nice… if I find the time 🙁 Your day sounds pretty much like mine though! Same diet and shower time. Glad it’s going better for ya!

  4. It’s great to see that there are things from this week that you want to incorporate into your daily life! It’s the little things that count. Avoiding tv and Netflix has given me extra free time too, it’s been nice to just relax or see my friends. It’s crazy how many little distractions I’ve cut out of my day due to this project. It definitely makes me feel better about myself and my impact on the environment.

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