Day three, look at me

So I have to admit, I have slipped somewhat since my last post.

Last night after writing my blog about how I missed meat and found it hard to fill up on “greener” foods, I caved and ordered Dragon Village in Granville. My justification for this was that this could be a meal for two days, with leftovers and all, and chicken is more bio-efficient than other animals like cow. This morning I got a breakfast sandwich from Slayter, without meat though, which was still delicious. I had my normal two cups of coffee today (in a refillable travel mug, as I always do) since I had some work to do for my history class later in the day and needed the extra kick. Tomorrow I don’t have class, so I will avoid coffee, and maybe only have one cup on Friday. Also I need to eat some of the fruit I have left in the fridge.

I know some of you have experience this problem from reading your blogs, but it can be hard to keep the electricity output down in your room while living with a roommate not participating in No Impact week. I would not encourage my roommate to stop using his laptop or turn off his desk light, but obviously he needs that to do reading and other homework for school. We have kept the main light off in our room most of the week, so I see that as a plus.

All we can do is try to live the best we can while still living the way we want to live. Like I saw again in No Impact man today, when Colin talked about Buddhism, it is about finding the Middle Way in life, A healthy balance. It is not right to force someone to do something or tell them what they are doing is wrong, so I feel the only thing you can do is try to educate people and promote awareness while maybe passively making some suggestions. I guess this discussion extends beyond just our No Impact week, but I think it is important we all consider this as we try to make our society more eco-conscious and revolutionize human nature to being one with nature, not its controller. Just telling someone to do something or what they are doing is wrong is not a source of motivation. That must come from within, and this is why environmental education is key to preserve our beautiful “Pale Blue Dot”, as Carl Sagan once put it.

-Appreciate our planet, we have no where else to go, and we all share it

P.S. Carl Sagan is a cool guy

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  1. I feel you on the roommate.. He’s a big TV watcher/white noise needer. I try to just turn the fan off and keep the window open as much as possible, but he insists that he needs the white noise to sleep. I’ve been wondering if there’s another less energy-intensive way…

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