Day Three: Too Much Sleep..

I got 11 hours of sleep last night. 11. That is not normal. I felt disoriented when I woke up, as if my mind couldn’t function on that much rest.. I’d done all the work that I’d wanted to get done, and I’ve been feeling stressed and down lately, so I read a little bit with the light from my solar bottle, and went to sleep at 10:30. My roommate has been really good about turning the lights off for me when she’s leaving the room, and being really quiet when she comes back into the room and I’m asleep at such an early time like 10:30..

Today I tried to cut back on the amount of the products I use. I’ve been pretty good with trash and energy, but today I didn’t wear any makeup. I only used my moisturizer, so my face doesn’t become dry. I became increasingly aware of our excessive use of products on our own bodies, when we don’t even know how to pronounce these ingredients, let alone know what they are or where they come from. I’ve been thinking a lot about our daily routines and food that we eat, without really questioning it.

I ate at Huffman today, and only chose food made with cheese from a local farm (123 miles away, if you wanted to know!). The veggies and bread weren’t local, I’m sure, but this was the first day I tried to find locally made food. I am now having dinner that consists of crackers and jam, and will plan on a shower of 3 minutes tonight. I’m definitely watching less TV, but I won’t lie to you guys, when it’s this close to finals and I’m this unwilling to be active, I’ll certainly be needing my distractions.



  1. That’s awesome that your roommate is being understanding of this project! Sometimes my roommate can get a little annoyed with it. That’s impressive that you opted out of make up. It is scary to think of all the chemicals we put on our bodies nowadays.

  2. I know what you mean about sleep. I’ve been sleeping more and earlier this week and I don’t like it. It’s killing me to wake up in the morning, probably an example of how deprived my body is or something considering I was in to much pain to actually sleep over break. But still disorienting.

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