Hump Day

Well I know it’s incredibly early in the day on hump day but it’s already been a rough day so I’m blogging before it has the chance to get any worse, though I’m sitting in Slayter by a window enjoying natural light being annoyed by the overhead lights being on, but I’m enjoying the Bluegrass music that is always present on Wednesdays.

This morning started off with me hitting snooze for like an hour oops at least I didn’t have anything too pressing to do, I went to turn on my desk light because I need a little bit of light to wake up. At which point I realized I forgot to plug it in last night and almost fell off my bed trying to turn it on, Once it was on though it was the only light my roommate and I used in our room this morning so thats good right?

The not so good part came from me starting my normal Wednesday routine and plugging in my hair straightener, which I realized after it had been on for like three minutes meant I was using additional electricity 🙁 So I unplugged it and used the limited heat it had accumulated to straighten the worst part of my hair then put it up. Day three and I’m already tired of wearing my hair up. Then to finish getting ready I had to use some pain relieving gel on my back because I’m trying to avoid dependence on my back brace and I’ve been wearing it for pretty much the past week. When putting it on I began to question whether or not it actually was even effective or if it just helped me mentally. Either way I definitely didn’t understand the chemicals in it especially because the most recent time I got this medicine I was in Germany, so the German words didn’t help me much. . . But I know that if it is actually as helpful as I think it is the chemicals involved to diminish my pain can’t be good for the environment.

I was planning on going to the dining hall to eat breakfast and make up for the fact that I haven’t been able to get to the dining hall these past two days, but that didn’t happen since I woke up so late, so that was a fail, but at least I know I’m going to Huffman with my roommate for dinner tonight so I will be meeting that goal. Hopefully I can maintain and meet other goals today. With how bad this day started I could use some positive. . . .

We’re at our halfway point guys!


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  1. I didn’t know you had a back brace! I have one too. They’re terrible. And good for you for meeting your goals. I too have been trying to eat in the dining hall more but it can be really hard. Usually I grab a granola bar or a yogurt to go in the morning as I walk to class! But this week I have been trying not to do that so much because of the waste from the packaging! So I feel your pain with that too! But sounds like you’re doing a great job!

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