Guys!! We’re more than halfway there!!!! I’m so proud of all of you! I think that all the work we’ve been doing has actually given a handful of other people on campus ideas about how to live more sustainably! I know that my roommates, at least, have been more aware of their electricity use and have tried to limit it (mostly from me complaining about it, ha) BUT STILL! I’m proud.

Hmm let’s see how Wednesday went: I skipped a shower this mornin’! yee-haw! Also, I spent a ton of time not using electricity! I spent my time napping and walking around outside– some nice ho-hum time. For dinner, I went to the Hanakkuh celebration in Huffman to eat latkas!!! I steered clear of the brisket!

All in all, it was a really nice, relaxing day. I’ve done well and I’m glad. Hope you all have similar successes!!!



  1. Jenna, I’ll yell at your roommates for you, don’t worry haha I’m in your room all the time anyway!! Giancarlo, I avoided the brisket cause it was just a big chunk of meat!

  2. At least your roommates listen to you! I’m not the least bit confrontational, so if someone disagrees with my idea I hold my tongue. The roomies take 20 minute showers, which I keep telling them is crazy, but they don’t seem like they want to change.

  3. Merry Hump Day! I’m happy to hear about your roommates being more aware of this project. I hope they continue doing this even after this week is over! Naps are a great way to kill a day of wasting energy so keep it up. That dinner sounds delicious, but I’m still wondering why you avoided the brisket. Keep doing a great job!

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