No Impact: Day #3

Mornings are already the worst part of my day and now that I have to cut back on my warm shower, it makes for a rough first few classes. Showers are still shorter than normal but forcing myself to turn that knob and feel the cold that is the Crawford hall way only makes me want to stay longer.

Food is still my biggest problem. Although I do eat a lot when I go to Huffman I am always hungry between meals. My trash of the day was from the Nature Vally bar I ate between breakfast and lunch, and, when dinner did come around, I couldn’t stand another meal at Huffman so I had to get Dragon Village or I don’t think I would have made it through the week. Looking back at what I got t go, there was a lot of unnecessary packaging. They don’t need to put the food in a brown bag and then into a plastic bag. Not only is it not good from an environmental stand point, but it would also cost the business more money to buy both bags. My only solution to the lack of food problem is making a protein shake to help keep me full. It comes in a bulk container that has something like 70 servings and all you need to add is water. Easy enough.

Coffee mug and water bottle are both very convenient. They also charge you less when you get coffee and already have a mug. If you are an avid coffee drinker like I am, fifty cents is worth it. I am still doing work in the common rooms to save the lights, but my computer has been plugged a lot. I don’t really know what to do about that. I don’t really consider it trash because it was for school work, but I printed a rather large document for a class that I had to write a paper on. I started looking at it on the computer but then I realized I wanted to write on it to help write the paper. I felt a little guilty but it had to happen.

As day three comes to an end I have a greater appreciation for people who try to live this way either year round or just make drastic life changed because they want to make the world a better place to live. I don’t think I would be able to do it for a year. It might be a little easier if I were to do it at home than at school, but every little bit counts.

Cameron Kahl


  1. It seems as though everyone is caving for the Dragon Village. I agree that they use too much packaging with their food and could reduce their environmental impact greatly. Mornings are always rough for me as well and the lack of relaxation during a hot shower is hard to adjust to. I too have a greater understanding and appreciation for people who live for long periods of time with no impact and have adjusted to this way of living.

  2. I caved and got Dragon Village last night, like you did today. Chicken I guess is at least a little greener than beef so thats something, but all the packaging is unnecessary. I would have told them to keep the bag and I could just carry the plastic box, but it was already in it and stapled so they would just throw it away anyways. Too bad take out is never really very eco friendly, I feel like they always stuff like ten napkins and plastic silverware in the bag, not at Dragon Village though. This was my meal the last two nights, Chinese food is good leftover and cold.

    Refilling my mug at Slayter has been a lifesaver for me this semester. I have began to drink coffee regularly this semester and the mug saves money and gives me more coffee than their cups do. I look forward to using this benefit the rest of my time at Denison.

  3. As anyone can tell by now I need my granola bars. However, if you think about it, the wrappers end up being a lot of waste for just one bar (especially if they are not terra-cycled!). Today for my afternoon workout I thought I’d try something different. I ended up taking a box of cereal and a bag of trail mix and mixed them together. The result was a very high energy snack. Even though these bags will have to be thrown away when they’re empty, the amount of waste disposed of per serving is far less than that of a Nature Valley bar. it may not be a perfect solution, but I’m working on it!

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