No Impact Week: Day 3

What a long day! Double workouts and a full schedule of classes made today my least enjoyable day of the week so far… My daily routine started the same way it always does, with an early alarm. I considered what I should eat before practice, but again found myself reaching for the granola bar. I still haven’t found a suitable replacement other than fresh fruit, but that granola bar was the last one I have. Uh oh.

Today I was able to cut my shower time down to well below two minutes by turning the water off when I was shampooing. Meals continue to be my Achille’s heel as I struggle to be environmentally conscious and meet my calorie demands. Like some of my fellow classmates, I have turned to eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. I didn’t realize this until today, but I have not eaten very many salads this year. This is strange to me because I have always been quite fond of them. Thankfully this project is reintroducing me to healthier foods which I have neglected in favor of the wide varieties of pizza and other grilled items available.

Despite all of this, tomorrow will be my biggest challenge. Since I will be away from campus at a swim meet, I am completely unaware of situations which will challenge my [temporary] no impact lifestyle. How will I handle meals? Snacks? Electricity usage? Transportation? I feel like I am going to have to stay focused in order to make responsible, eco-friendly decisions on the fly.

Wish me luck!

Nathan Thorne

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  1. I have been one of those people trying my best to stick to fruit and whatnot, but I have not been 100% true to these efforts. I enjoy salad very much also, but like you I never eat it at school. Maybe if they had better toppings or dressings in the cafeteria? I dont know how Slayter’s are.

    I ran cross country in high school and my coach always told us to eat a lot of colors on race days, meaning different fruits and vegetables and whatnot. So maybe sticking to fruit and vegetables might not be a bad thing. Although it might not give you the energy needed to compete.

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