No Impact Week: Living in a Prepackaged World

Today I had a serious struggle against our good friend, plastic. One of my main goals was to cut down on the amount of prepackaged items that I bought or consumed. This is surprisingly an incredibly difficult task. Wether it was the snacks that I so desperately wanted to munch on to the plastic wrap of a new video game I purchased, I found myself being constantly reminded of how much plastic is used and wasted in our every day lives.

For many items that we buy, there is an unnecessary plastic wrap around the product. By far the worst  that I saw was a large pack of paper towels. Not only were all six rolls bundled together in a gigantic sheet of plastic, but each individual roll had its own plastic wrap. Is it really that comforting to have every individual item we purchase wrapped in plastic? This practice is incredibly wasteful and is not worth the energy to prepackage everything we buy.

Here to contradict me is one of my favorite comedians, George Carlin. Enjoy.

Clay White


  1. I too have found that plastic and packaging in general is a serious problem. All the food I eat is packaged and then that contributes to the waste I am putting in landfills. But I want my Easy Mac and junk food! For me, it has been really hard to try and eat in the dining halls so I am not throwing away so much packaging from foods! If I could get away from packaged food, my impact on the environment would be significantly reduced!

  2. Haha That video is really funny. I also agree with you one of the most eye opening things for me when reading no impact man was the fact that we use so much plastic and have no idea how to get rid of it. I made cutting plastic down one of my main goals and it is tough

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