Slow and Steady

Today was a tough one. Today I had class from 8:30 – 4:30. I did not eat lunch or breakfast, and when I look back on my decisions now and realized I should have probably eaten breakfast. After class I was so exhausted I took a nap and woke up just over thirty minutes ago. After waking up from my nap, starved and hungry as ever, I almost ate an entire box of “Captain Crunch- Crunch Berries”. That might not have been the healthiest or most environmentally conscious decision but I was so hungry and all the dining halls but Slayter were closed so I didn’t really have an option.

On the bright side of things I did not produce waste of any kind today, and have barely used any electricity, since the only time i’ve been in my room today up till now the lights have been off. As I check my emails I realize that I have a package waiting for me. Im not sure whether I should get it tomorrow or wait until saturday when no impact week is over (that way I don’t have trash). However what is inside the package is what is making this decision so hard.

Waiting for me is my belated birthday present. AIAIAI’s tma-1 Fools Gold edition studio headphones. For those who don’t know these are pretty nice headphones. I know that the minute I get that package all I am going to want to do is be on my computer making music and listening to music all day long. Also there is bound to be a considerable amount of trash in the package too. From wrapping paper to little plastic do-hickies.

Overall today was really slow and rough, and I am probably going to go to sleep in the next hour or so but before I do so I am most likely going to watch a Doctor Who episode, I think I deserve it. The struggle is too real.

Side note I found this hilarious clip from Portlandia about recycling. Its WAY less risqué then the Captain Planet video I promise!

Seth Brody


  1. It seems sleeping is a great way to avoid producing waste ad consuming energy, which sounds like a win-win to me. As for the Captain Crunch, I understand the struggle of wanting food when the dining halls are closed. That’s definitely one of my weak points. But, great choice in cereal!

  2. Seth, I don’t think we have ever spoken, but you are hilarious. and yeah you DO deserve some who because you are awesome. keep up the great work!!

  3. Eating is definitely an important part of the day, but I give you a ton of credit for having Captain Crunch in your bedroom. Quality cereal choice. Fighting the urge of picking up the package and opening it up like a christmas present is tough stuff, so kudos to you. Doctor Who is completely where it’s at, so enjoy before you go to bed. Haha thank you so much for that Portlandia video. It was hillarious

  4. Two thumbs up for enjoying some Doctor Who. I’m pretty sure the electricity you use just doesn’t count. Just like how calories don’t count on your birthday. Right? Right. I think a lot more people would be more sustainable if it was advertised the way you do it: sleep all day and conserve energy! College kids everywhere would jump on the bandwagon, no question.

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