A Much Better Day

After some slip ups yesterday, I woke up this morning determined to have as much of a no impact day as possible, and I succeeded. Overall, I managed to accomplish nearly all of my goals, so I was pretty excited about that.

Today’s shower actually was 2 minutes on the dot, which was definitely the right way to start the day off. I followed that up with a healthy, organic breakfast, with most of my foods coming from local areas. Since I was able to eat at Curtis all day, eating organic and local was one of my easiest goals of the day, as Huffman is definitely a bit trickier. I did have to use some paper napkins because I spilled some orange juice, but that was my only trash for the day. In addition, I also made sure to unplug all of my appliances when I got up this morning, and only plugged them in when absolutely necessary. I found this to be a very effective strategy and will continue to check my appliances every morning. I also made sure to keep my lights off from morning till evening.

I am also adding to my trash goal by trying to recycle more. I am currently reusing plastic water bottles, and am making sure to look at labels to see if objects are recyclable or not.

By far the easiest goal to achieve this week has been the no driving goal. I have found it pretty easy to resist the temptations of driving off campus for a week, and have been looking for more and more things to do on campus.

Hope everyone’s day 4 went as well as mine.


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