A substitute for a cough drop. No Impact Week: Day 3

Wednesday’s are always crazy days. 5 Classes and a meeting. This day never gets over!

My shower today lasted a record low, 2 minutes. This was partly because I was extremely late for my morning class. But as long as it helps my NI week, I don’t care!
Most of my classes required course evaluations today. Unlike most people who decided to bring their laptops and finish it off in class, I decided to conserve my laptop’s energy and use the library laptops that are on all the time. Some teachers thought it was odd, but I have gotta do what I gotta do.

Do you get that feeloing when you’re sick? When you don’t want to eat anything. Skip breakfast. Skip lunch. I used some stolen honey from curtis and used it in place of a normal Ricola cough drop. It helped. I didn’t want to use a ricola as it would add to trash. Even though it’s minimal, we’re talking about NO IMPACT here, ladies and gentlemen.
I thought about having some juice for dinner. But Dr. Kretchmar, my academic advisor decided to take us for dragon village for some chinese!! I couldn’t say no. I ordered a minimal portion of sweet corn soup (veg), in order to help me recover from some of my sickness.

After coming back to campus, I carefully used the faucet as I brushed my teeth. Saved quite a bit of water than I normally would.

I had so much work today, I didn’t really amount to any form of consumption as most of it was classes and homework. I do my homework in my common room and this idea wasinspired by Cameron’s post from yesterday!
It’s great how we’re learning from each other!

Ridhim Seth.

Ridhim Seth


  1. It is interesting to hear that the honey helped with your cough. I also like your ” I have gotta do what I gotta do” attitude. That is the way you’re gonna succeed in this NI week. Way to be a man.

  2. Using library laptop to fill course out evaluation forms is such a cool idea. I want to follow that but I guess I have to wait until next semester’s evaluation time. I appreciate your effort to achieve your NI goals while you are sick!

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