Count Down:one day left

Today was a good day –  starting with a shower shorter than two repeats of Wonderwall. I believe whenever I listen to this song in the future, it will defiantly remind me of what I have done during this crazy no impact week. I talked with my friend about my project and goal, and came up with variables of shower. Here are some of variables: when should I start counting? Does the cold water running before hot water take into account? Do I have to use Shampoo everyday? Maybe I can use my cleanser while I brush my teeth instead of shower. If I turn off water while I put on shampoo, should I count the time that I am not actually using the water? By the way,  I learned from Mel’s post that I can save some water from turning off water while putting on Shampoo and I did it today. But to be honest who would want to turn off water while showering, especially in the cold winter? But I am trying to achieve my goal of no impact week. Come on, Chen, you only have to do this for five days.

Besides taking shorter showers, another goal of this week is to save electricity. I turned off my room’s light during day time and put up window blinds. Luckily, my roommate enjoys working with natural light too.I tried to do all my work during daytime, but there are always things that slip from my mind. After 5:30, it was completely dark outside and I had to turn on the light. I usually turn on two sets of light but I choose to turn on one set of light. Also, if my roommate is not in our room, I would go to my friend’s room or study in the common room. (Let’s admit that east quad is a quite far away from the library.) Interestingly, I am actually more productive when I study with someone else than study alone in my room. When I saw my friend finished  her 50 pages reading within an hour and a half but I did not make a lot progress for my theatre paper, I felt guilty but I was motivated at the same time.

Stay Warm

Chen Yang