Day 3

Today was a bit of a struggle.

It started out fine, with an even shorter shower than yesterday. I got it down to 4.5 minutes without hot water and turning off the water while I shampoo. Avoiding hot water actually really helps the length of my shower. I mean, who really wants to stand in cold water, am I right?

So far, I haven’t plugged anything in and I have only turned on the lights in my room for a short period of time. Although, I am still having some trouble when it comes to waste. This morning, I didn’t wake up early enough to go to Huffman, so I got a breakfast sandwich from Slayter instead. This isn’t too bad, but it did come on a plate that I ended up throwing away later.

Now for the actual hardship of the day: my studio art class. I am in a printmaking class, which consists of putting ink on metal plates and running them through a press. Between making prints, there is a lot of cleaning we have to do, which involves A LOT of water and paper towels. We are also required to wear gloves. Usually, we have reusable gloves. Today, however, there were only disposable latex gloves. The entire time, I had no choice but to throw away a huge amount of gloves and paper towels.

It has been hard to eat sustainably. Today, however, the mother of the girl I tutor (who is an chef and always feeds me) made me a quesadilla out of cheese and spinach she got from a local Amish farm. Huffman also had local cheese, which was pretty cool.

Hopefully tomorrow will go a little better due to the fact that I don’t have class. Maybe I can just hide away all day without being wasteful.

Stay green, everyone.

Melissa Zarate


  1. Awesome job on the short showers! And that’s so cool about the meal the girl you tutor’s mom made you! And oh no, I’m taking that class next semester (I think it’s the same one) Maybe I can figure something out for the gloves before I take it. But sounds like your doing a really good job, keep it up! 🙂

  2. Nice innovation with the cough drop situation! It’s so tough being sick and trying to produce no trash…I never really thought about how difficult it would be until you mentioned it. It’s one of those things you just don’t think about until you challenge yourself. Keep up the good work!

  3. I appreciate your courage to take cold water showers in December. I do not think I will approach to this within this week but I can defiantly turn off the water while I shampoo. Thank you for this brilliant idea.

    Also, I do not usually eat cheese but I am glad that Huffman provides students with local cheese.

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