Day 3

Today has been a difficult day. I was so tired and lost my patience frequently throughout the day. In the morning, I was supposed to take a shower shorter than two repeats of Wonderwall, but I really need a longer hot shower to wake myself up. So my shower ended up with the same amount of time with yesterday’s shower. I tried to comfort myself that as long as I did not take a shower longer than 8 minutes, I am still on the right track.

However I still had some good news. During lunch, I found a neat way to eat goldfish without creating trash. Starting from Monday, I stopped eating goldfish and energy bars from small packages. Occationally, I put goldfish and energy bars into my backpack before I go to class and put it back to my drawer when I return to my room. Every time, if I feel hungry I will either eat an apple taken from Huffman or persuade myself I will go to dinning hall soon. Fortunately, I found out a bottle of goldfish at the end of salad bar. I think the dinning hall buys goldfish in bulk and fills it in bottles everyday. I served myself a small plates of goldfish right after I found the bottle. At dinner time, I brought my food containers to the dinning and filled with goldfish from bottles. (No shame!) A happy study night with goldfish without guilty feelings. Because I was so excited about finding a way to continue eating one of my favorite snacks, I forgot to pay more attention to where  fruit in Huffman comes from. I have better finish my fruit research tomorrow!

My theatre class got canceled today, so I had half an hour of free time after meeting with my communication professor. I wanted to grab some snacks at Slayter before going to environmental class but I do not want to create any trash. So I just stay at Slayter and enjoy my ho-hum time. I could have checked emails or news, but  instead I just sat there quietly and tried to pull myself together for the final week. I listed all types of  food I wanted to eat during winter break back home in China to cheer myself up. I think I’m always preoccupied by work or social networks and become easily stressed out about tests. Ho-hum time eases my nerves and prevent me from wasting time freaking out. Need to have ho-hum time daily! It feels like a short version of mental healthy day.

Stay strong!

Chen Yang


  1. Good job finding solutions for the goldfish predicament! Ho-hum time is awesome. I’ve stopped listening to music or looking at my phone when I walk to classes. This has given me some more relaxing time, even though I’m going to another class.

    Good luck for friday!

  2. Chen- I love the idea that ho-hum is a short version of a mental health day. I actually found myself craving ho-hum time last night. So, once I finished putting up some Christmas decorations, I decided to just sit and enjoy them in candlelight. It was very nice and relaxing….and I also thought, I could really use more of this! Congrats on the goldfish!

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