Day 4: Are You For Serious?

I think I might be getting the stomach flu… Actually, no. I refuse to get sick. REFUSE. I have too much to do and too little time to do it. Getting sick is not an option. Such is the life of a college student: the upkeep of your grades is more important than the health of your body. I have another two and a half years of this? Oh joy. So, if I’m not in class tomorrow it’s because I’m busy throwing up everything I’ve ever eaten ever. At all.

The bonus of getting sick is that I’m too terrified of throwing up to eat. I had some coffee today. That’s calories, right? So, woohoo! Unintentional and unwanted sustainability. Great.

Today was even better than yesterday in terms of NI. I’ve only thrown away a small paper tea packet. Nothing else. I’ve been using my clean nose blankets to dry my hands after I wash them. I’ve also gotten into the habit of turning off unnecessary lights that I come across. So far I’ve turned off the bathroom lights in my dorm three times and the bathroom light in Barney Davis twice. Since I work in the library I’ve been turning off the lights in the stacks that aren’t needed. They are always on, even though people hardly go back there. It makes things look super creepy. But it’s sustainable. So it’s okay.

I’ve also been sitting in Slayter for most of the day avoiding rooms where I am the only one so I conserve electricity. However, I am feeling sicker and sicker and sicker. So, I’m predicting that I’m going to find myself in my room finishing an essay (aka resisting 5 minutes before I fail and go to sleep) in less than an hour here.

Hasta la vista, baby.



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  1. Good job saving energy! I never thought of the idea that sharing space means that your are sharing light, I will have to try to do that more. As for the library, I feel as though people forget how many unnecessary lights are on constantly. It’s good that you have considered it.

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