Day 4: This Seems Impossible

Is this project supposed to get easier? Because I’m pretty sure it’s just getting harder.

Today I totally forgot that the idea of this week is No Impact and irresponsibly left my hair straightener plugged in ALL DAY. Seriously though, I just unplugged it at like 8 and it has been plugged in since 9 this morning! Yeah, I’m pretty bad at this No Impact thing.

Also I ate all packaged food today because everything in the dining hall looked terrible. I am really struggling to eat with this project. Everything I choose to eat contributes negatively to the environment. How did Colin Beaver do it? How does anyone do it? I like my granola bars, chips, and microwavable food! And as a college student, I do not see anyway I can give that up!

I also have spent my entire day on my computer, mostly with it plugged in while I used it. That seems to be a bad habit of mine!

However, I did successfully take a three minute shower today, which is pretty good! I am trying to improve my habits for this project, but I continue to struggle. I hope everyone else is having more success than I am!

Marguerite Fall


  1. I agree that it is very hard to eat on no impact, especially on our campus. I’m impressed with your shower time! Keep it up, almost done!

  2. Don’t be frustrated! I’ve definitely been struggling too. Your 3 minute shower is impressive, even if you focus on one goal at a time it might be easier to tackle your overall goals and make a smaller impact! I’ve realized that this week has had its moments that have pushed me past my comfort zone, it’s all about challenging yourself. Only three more days!

  3. Don’t give up, just a few more days to go! I definitely agree that setting goals and making them easily visible is a great way to remind yourself about making those environmentally-friendly decisions. Most importantly, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Take things one small step at a time!

  4. One tip I would give would be to write reminders or put your goals somewhere you can see them when you wake up. I have done this in the past when I have had something important to remember, and it has worked really well.

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