Day 4: Diving back in

Hi everyone,

Today has been nearly impossible for me to live impact-free. For the first part of my day I did my morning swim, followed by a fairly quick shower. After that I went back up to my room to pack for this weekend. I was having great difficulty packing in the dark so with great guilt I turned on one light. When my packing was completed I went and had breakfast. At breakfast I ate less food than I usually do and didn’t throw anything away.

Upon returning to my room I took an hour and a half nap in total darkness, which was quite nice. When I woke up from my nap, then my problems started.

Because we were scheduled to leave for the swim meet before lunch, I soon found myself riding with a friend down to Subway for a bite to eat. Things only got worse from here… The bus ride to Hamilton, Ohio was roughly 3 hours long and I ate a granola bar before my race (the mile of all races). Dinner was Panera which tasted good, but made me feel even more guilty.

I have to admit, I am struggling quite a bit right now. One positive note, I did get a best time.

Nathan Thorne

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  1. Yes it is impossible to be no impact here! Great job on the best time!

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