Day 4: Hello there, stress.

I thought this No Impact thing would get easier as time went on…

Today I had no classes so I tried to spend a lot of time in the library, since this is probably the most stressful two weeks of the semester. I tried working in places that had natural light, but since the sun goes down so early now, that didn’t last too long.

After a long period of studying and homework , I had go down to Granville to tutor. Unfortunately, this isn’t right down the hill. Instead it’s over by the polo field, which is a bit of a walk when it’s cold and rainy. So, disappointingly, I had to drive there. After tutoring, I was already late for a meeting at our sorority house, so I had to drive straight there. As much as I try to avoid my car, it always creeps up on me, especially at this time of year when there are so many places to be and so little time.

For breakfast and dinner I went to Huffman. I tried eating mostly raw, but after being out in the cold it’s hard to not want something warm. I am still mainly eating fruits and veggies, but I did give in and eat a bag of pop chips from Slayter.

Good luck to everyone on the final day of NI week!


Melissa Zarate

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