Day 4: Impossible

Let me tell ya, the swim team is not a very environmentally friendly organization. We started off the day by driving  150 miles on 2 buses to Miami, OH. It is very hard to continue my work on no impact week here. Due to staying in a hotel and being rushed, all of our meals are to go meals. This includes lots of packaging. My roommates have been understanding about the lights though! We make sure to turn the lights off whenever they are not in use. Also we don’t have many devices plugged in, just our phone chargers when needed. Tomorrow is our first full day here so we will see how it goes! We won’t be driving tomorrow so it will be better than today!

Mary Van Leuven

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  1. Although it is hard to achieve your goal while living in a hotel, you still keep all your goals and no impact week in mind while off campus! I gave you credit for hanging in there! Besides, I do not think it is swim team’s problem driving bus to another school, it is the lifestyle we have right now. Maybe, we should just follow Sheldon’s passion about train and travel safely and environmentally with train whenever we are able to.

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