Day #4: My body dislikes NI week

Hello there fellow No Impact friends,

Although Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s are full of classes for me; I’m luckily free all of Thursday’s. My 9:00am alarm woke me up this morning but I couldn’t find the energy to get up. I decided to press snooze and after what seemed like 30 minutes, I looked at my alarm. It was 2:30! How the heck? I guess I wasted half a day of wasting energy so hooray for that.

As I tried to get up, I felt a strong migraine and a soar throat, so it was fair to say that I was sick.I┬ámade it to the bathroom and took a longer cold shower (4 minutes) because my headache demanded it. After getting dressed and realizing that food wouldn’t be an option for a while, I went to the library for some quality homework time. I did make a small impact by consuming a lot of food from Curtis but it was very much needed. Besides that, I’m going back to bed in a little bit and setting up an alarm so I can unplug my phone later tonight.

Finish strong, guys!


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  1. Good luck powering through the sickness man.. Get to be friends with a handkerchief and watch for the cough drop wrappers. But I was reading Maddie’s post about her sickness and she brought up the point that if you’re sick enough, your impact is probably gonna drop, that is if you’re staying in bed and sleeping it off. Maybe try that approach, it seems like it worked for others. Either way, you got this!

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