Day 4 – No Impact Week

Hi guys,

Today was a good day. I didn’t use ANY electricity because I literally slept all day. Yup, I’m still not feeling great at all. So I kept the lights off and everything unplugged and just slept the day away. Which also means I skipped lunch. Uh I guess that’s a good thing? I am however, watching the Sound of Music right now.. which is making feel a little guilty but I’ve been waiting forever to see it!! Plus, I didn’t use electricity today so I can use a little to watch it right?

I am a little upset, because my friend really wanted a hot chocolate today and she didn’t have a cup, nor did I. So I bought her a hot chocolate from Slayter which resulted in her having to throw out the cardboard cup. I think she recycled it at least! I think the only trash I produced today was throwing out an old contact that was itching my eye and one napkin. No tissues, no papers, or wrappers!

Being sick really does help doing the No Impact week, that’s for sure! I think it’s a blessing in disguise!

Continue the great work everyone!

Maddie VanScoder

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  1. No class Thursday! (high five). Not going to lie, Sound of Music is still great, so it’s okay to watch it again but only once. I’ve learned to keep a travel cup with me during the past week so I can always stop and get hot beverages to go. I’d recommend that in case more hot chocolate scenarios present themselves in the future. Keep up the good work!

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