Day 4: Thursday

Last night I had one of the biggest internal debates of the week so far. I was offered a ride up from South Quad at 11pm and I declined. Here’s the kicker: the driver was my roommate and we were going to the exact same place. I walked and got back a lot later than she did, but it felt nice to do the right thing.

Today started out great for me. I conserved my water use and was able to get completely ready for the day in 20 minutes. Then my 10 am class was in the Mulberry Mix Lab, so all the computers and lights and printers are on all the time. I had to work on a lighting project in class so I finished it as fast as I could so I could stop using the computers. But…then I had to work on my scenic design project and that just takes forever.

The rest of the day was great, I encouraged the friends I was eating with in the dining hall to decrease the meat in their diet, mostly because it looked pretty gross. I actually didn’t really need the nap, but I took a looooong one today. I probably shouldn’t have because I had nightmares. I knew I needed to somehow make up for the lack of sleep I’m getting tonight.

TONIGHT, I have to do a dress/tech rehearsal for the Women’s Performance Group. I have to be there from 8-midnight. I’m running all the sound and lights for the show so that’s a ton of electricity use, especially with those lighting instruments. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and we can get on our merry way faster! I wish I didn’t have to do this during No Impact week, but I volunteered long before we started this project.



  1. Good job taking the “high road”. Im not sure I would have the self restraint to say no to that. And I wish they would turn the lights off in the computer labs when no one is in them, It makes me a bit frustrated. Also, good job on getting your lunch buddies to not eat as much meat.

  2. The computer lab was something I noticed earlier in the week. I was wondering if they always had to be on. . . like all the time. But I couldn’t come up with a clear cut way to please everyone because there are definitely time all the computers are in use and I’ve definitely run in there late a couple of times and needed a computer to be on and working fast. . .

    I need to fact check this and I’m not sure there’s a great solution, but I think that turning on and off lights uses more energy than just leaving them on . . . So that’s something to consider unfortunately.

  3. It is kind of crazy how many lights are on in the buildings when nobody is using them. I’ve been thinking about motion sensor lighting a lot lately. It might be expensive at first, but it would actually end up saving the school a lot of money in electric bills.. right?

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