Day Four Dilemmas

Day four was honestly probably the hardest one yet. Habits want to come back and I had to drive and buy a couple of things, mostly because I wasn’t able to do so before break but I’ll be using them at least until I graduate and they were preowned and worn so not technically new. Though I felt bad about the drive at least I had two other people in my car with me. So with the time I was awake today I was making an impact.

I’ve been getting sickish and not sleeping well and I didn’t end up going to sleep until about 1am, although lights were off by 11pm and my roommate, friend and I were all in the room briefly before then. My friend and I actually took some Ho-hum time together last night and wandered around campus, since this was the first time they were visiting me. There visit was rather brief and they had to be on their way to work by 3:45am . . . insanity in itself. I rolled back over and slept through a couple alarms after they left. When I did wake up I had to polish, print (double sided) and turn in a paper. That was done by 10:30 and I was back in bed from 11:30 until 1:15 which is when I went to the riding lesson and pick up the few things I needed. I then sat and hung out with the girls in Slayter until returning to my room to strain my eyes over writing this blog and the reading that I didn’t get done today when I chose to nap instead.

So though I’m probably still going to feel guilty about waste and things after this project ends I can’t say I’m going to miss straining my eyes in a dark room, especially when theres electricity flowing around the circuit waiting to be used, and is being used by everyone else. ¬†Which kind of brings be back to a more personal debate about being a vegetarian. I gave up meat a long time ago, before I could comprehend that CAFO’s were bad, or that meat is unsustainable or any of that. I’m the only vegetarian in my immediate family, and I did it for taste reasons. As I grew older I was asked about this and something I came to realize through the taunting of my cousins, and to this day it still bothers me, unless a massive movement of people stop buying meat all at once, the animals are still going to be killed and processed. . . even if it goes to being waste. The other thing that I’m seeing now through classes I’m taking that it would also destroy an industry, which on a gloomy note I’m worried that we are running out of jobs for humans.

Sorry the changes in my sleep schedule, the lack of light and stress are starting to get to me but it’s food for thought (and thinking has been my favorite part of this project!)



  1. From what I can see it seems like everyone is struggling quite a bit today. I think we all just need to stay optimistic and take everything one step at a time for the next few days. I felt pretty guilty today about my trip to Subway and also the granola bars that I had a friend pick up for me. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier!

  2. Yeah I’m thinking about being vegetarian too! But it would be sooo hard. My biggest environmental issue that’s important to me is CAFOs so I totally feel ya on it. Sorry you’re getting sick too:( It sucks, but definitely makes this project easier I think! Glad you got some ho-hum time:)

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