Day Four getting in the groove

Day four went well and I think things are starting to get better.  I stayed discipline to most  of my goals and had few slip ups.  My most effective effort at reducing my carbon footprint today was actually sleeping.  I slept in until past twelve today so that meant no breakfast or energy usage almost halfway through the day.  Funny how being lazy is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon impact.

My diet continues to be the struggle although I did have some discipline today.  I kind of relapsed at lunch and had a meal that consisted almost entirely of meat.  I felt really bad so I went into dinner with good intentions.  I made myself a grilled cheese and avoided all the meats in the cafeteria.

I did have a realization though.  I have been eating a lot of fruit so I could limit my waste so I was taking fruit from Curtis and keeping it in my room for whenever I was feeling hungry.  Unfortunately my fruit of choice was a Banana!  I can’t believe I went four days eating banana’s from South America.  I sort of did not even think twice about it because I was focused on cutting waste.  I picked a couple decent looking apples out and vowed to myself to stop eating banana’s for the next few days.

I certainly think one of the toughest things of this week is constantly being conscious of all of your decisions.  My decision to cut waste resulted in me picking a fruit that had to be shipped several thousand miles to reach me.  The challenge to keep the no impact week in the back of mind at all times is a tough one but I think I am getting better at it.

Also look at the New York Times today if you get a chance.  On the front page is an article about how big businesses are preparing to have to pay carbon taxes.

We might not have to do this all ourselves!

Stay classy

Rory McGinnis

Rory McGinnis

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  1. I feel the same about the fruit! I try to get the local apples, but sometimes you can just poke a hole right through one. It helps with the waste, but I can’t tell if taking fruit is worse that throwing wrappers away. Maybe we are all just so confused because we have so much knowledge from all the stuff we learned from class (ha or maybe we are just plain confused).

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