Day Four: Whose Responsibility?

I don’t really have much to say for my day. I haven’t made much of an impact. I guess I’ve just been thinking today about what our real responsibility is toward our impact. Obviously, it is important to know that our actions have consequences and to know what those consequences are. There are many good things that come from this project. It is important to step back and see all the things we take for granted and everything in our lifestyles we do without question. Maybe my values need to be adjusted.

But I can’t help but thinking about who has the real moral obligation here. One person, or a class, can promise to be as little impact as possible for a week, and they won’t even make a microscopic dent in the problems we face with global warming, climate change, waste, water, or energy. An essay I read in Environmental Ethics gave me an analogy that keeps popping into my head. There is a bridge with a bunch of cracks in it that everybody drives on during the day. Yes, every individual person could fill in a crack, and then maybe the bridge will be repaired, but is it really the people’s responsibility to do that, or the government that represents the people’s interests and works to protect them?



  1. That’s an interesting point about stepping back and seeing the consequences of our decisions. I think most of the mentality during this week is to just get through it, when we should be striving to learn from this experience.

  2. This is interesting and I think my most honest answer is that both parties should be held accountable. The government should definitely be setting a better example but neither should the people always follow the direction of our government. People can leave a powerful impression. I think the most ethical thing we can do is set a good example and hope people understand and follow.

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