Good News Everyone

Good news everyone! I am pretty sure I managed to accomplish all of my goals for today. Im writing this of a co-workers laptop so I am going to be quick. I woke up today around 12, and didn’t turn the lights on. Went to breakfast (well lunch for everyone else) and had some grilled cheese. I then did some homework in my room with the lights off.

I took a shower 43.40 second shower and yeah it was really that fast. I did it “military style”, turning the water off after getting myself wet then put shampoo and body wash on turned the water back on and was done. Before this week my showers were usually around 10-15 minutes. But now that i’ve showered this fast I think I might keep doing it this fast. Honestly it is not that bad, I might even like it more than longer showers. I now have way more time for activities.

After my shower I read some of my favorite book “100 years of solitude” (which I recommend everyone read because its the best book ever). Then I went to work around 6 and have been there since. So overall a super productive/environmental day. I hope everyone had a green day.

Side note – still no trash / waste yet this week.

Seth Brody


  1. Sleeping more and sleeping in really seems to be a good way to not have any impact. I guess that goes along with “ho-hum” time that weve talked about

    No trash? Wow thats really impressive. That was initially one of my goals, but sadly I have broke that commitment and wasted a few things. The “Military Shower” sounds like a really good idea. A lot of times, besides this week, I find myself spending more time standing under the stream of water than actually washing. Turning the shower off while shampooing and whatnot seems like a good way to limit time. Although this will be a struggle for me personally as I hop in the shower at 7:30 AM usually and I am tired and the bathroom is freezing. Ill do my best.

    I’m digging the videos by the way, keeping the comedy levels up and the impact levels down

  2. Wow impressive shower time! I totally agree, I think I may keep up with the quick and cool showers. It’s better for your skin than hot water AND I have so much more time in the morning. I’m also impressed with the lack of trash or waste. It sounds like your’re on the right track!

  3. A 43 second shower? Someone give this man a medal!!
    This is probably a NI week record. I bet Prof. Aguilar will have something to say about this.
    Great job with the no trash bit. Hope your week ends as well as it’s already going.

  4. Good job on sticking to your goals! That’s impressive! As is your 43 second shower. The idea of a warm shower is way too good to give up on these cold mornings, I might have to try military style tomorrow. But I’m glad to hear your week has been such a success, it’s great to see everyone wanting to stick with the little changes even after NI week is over!

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