No Impact: Day #4

Today was a very irregular day for me. I do not have class on Thursdays, so my typical Thursday normally involves sleeping. Not today. I had a MRI scheduled for 8am in Columbus which required me getting up at 630, getting gas in my car, and waiting in the traffic. Once I got back around 11am, I immediately got right back in bed a slept till around 4pm. Although I did have to get gas put in my car, I have produced no trash today. I was not able to get breakfast before my MRI and by the time i got back I was so tired I just wanted to get back in bed. This also means the majority of the day my lights have been off.

My showers have continued to decrease in time as I try to beat my previous days record. I also noticed how long other people spend in the shower. Three of the four showers were taken in Crawford when I woke up from my nap. I hopped into the open one and was able to finish my shower leaving the three other people still in there. It really is a big problem that sometimes goes unnoticed. There are roughly 2400 students that go to this school and if everyone takes a 10 minute shower that means on average water is running constantly thought the entire day. Although the water goes down the drain and to a treatment plant, there are people in this world that cant find water on a daily basis just to drink. I use to just stand in the warm shower because it felt good. I have started to think about this when I am in the shower and its makes it just a little easier to turn the water off.

Food is an on going problem. Trying to limit what I eat to the foods we listed in class is almost impossible for me seeing as I eat a lot and it being Winter does not help at all. While I try my best, I find that I have to eat other foods.

I have been keeping unnecessary appliances unplugged such as my tv and sounds system to try and save as much energy as possible to help make up for other areas such as food where it is harder to cut back. I feel that a No Impact week would be much easier in the spring or summer where there is more day light and more food options.  I cant control the season, so for now Ill just do the best I can.

Cameron Kahl

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  1. Hey Cam are you okay? I didn’t know you were having an MRI. . .

    But I second you on the shower thing. That’s been one of the most frustrating and discouraging part of this project for me, is getting others to think. I’m not sure there’s a clear cut answer or that people would respond well to being told what they need to do. It’s definitely something to think about though.

    Also yes! I would love summer light and heat and food!

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