The stress

Today I woke up on pins and needles because I knew that all day would be spent studying for my chemistry test tomorrow (although I have felt better as the day went on). So I really was not in my best mind for No Impact today.

I finished my medicine this morning and thought “where do I throw this bottle away?” Then I remember I asked my dad over break and he said at the hospital they recycle medicine bottles, so I know it might be a hassle or I might forget, but I’m going to wait and give the the bottle to my dad for when he goes to work. Maybe he could collect some from home too, even though we don’t have that many bottles.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was because I was studying so darn intently, but when it hit me, it was bad. I went down to Slayter and did not listen to any of my food rules for No Impact. This week is especially hard if you aren’t really slowing down and paying attention to your thoughts.

Then I drove (in a carpool) over to Newark to volunteer at the Flying Colors Preschool, which is the best part of my week, so I felt better after that break. Except I did notice little things around the school, like at snack time the kids throw away so much, including uneaten food. But I’m only a volunteer in the teacher’s rooms, so I can’t stand up and tell four year olds to collect their trash, right?

Now I’m just annoyed that it is winter because I really need to study, but my room gets dark at 5:00. My mom would be yelling at me if I was home because I am straining my eyes. But, aha! I am not am home and I am making my own decisions. So maybe I will just sit awkwardly in the hallway since they leave those lights on anyway.

Hopefully I’ll have a clearer mind tomorrow.



  1. Yeah, the hardest part of this project for me has been how early it gets dark and I’m stuck, struggling with such little light. When I’m stressed about studying and finals, I just want some chocolate (yes, in plastic wrappers) and my bed to relax in while I’m bombarded with work to do.

  2. Winter definitely stinks. It also makes me want more hot drinks, which use electricity. Boo! You could always go study somewhere other people are to use the whole carpool method except with lights. That’s what I’ve been doing. Slayter for the win!

    And don’t worry, Jenna. You’re going to do awesome on your exam.

  3. I don’t like that its winter either. I slept for a large portion of the day and when I did wake up, It was dark and had to use lights for most of the night.

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