Continued Impact

Today’s the last day. . . at least to this extreme. Thank goodness. I have to admit after class I was ready to call it quits because I was so hungry and we were so close to the end of the project I reached for the fruit gummy’s that I keep in my backpack out of habit. But then I decided against it and that I’d just wait until after class to go to the dining hall or eat an apple in my room. So I was proud of ¬†myself for holding off on that. Then after my last class I needed to hang back and see my professor for a minute, when I was done I still had to pack up my things before leaving, she was ready to go and on the way out when she asked me to turn the lights off, which again was something easy and that I would have done anyway. Having someone who wasn’t part of the project thinking in that manner made me glad that I’ve been able to adjust my life this week as much as I have. I doubt I can keep it up to this extent but coming back to blog (on a battery powered computer) in the dark with the swirling snow outside is kind of nice.

So do I still have some negativity towards the consumption and think that it would take a mass movement to change industry to change the waste, which is unfortunate. However, I’m glad to have put as much effort into this project as I have and that I’m taking the time to think and hopefully maintain some of my changes from this week for the future.



  1. Good job resisting the packaged snacks! I know that is a hard convenience for us to give up. Good luck maintaining your changes, hopefully we will all attempt to do that.

  2. I have felt some of your struggles too. I have felt hungry at times and craved foods that are not sustainable or eco-friendly. I will admit, I have caved a few times myself, and it is hard to avoid packaged foods when they are sitting in your room, not across campus in a dining hall. I feel as though I have done well with avoiding packaged foods, though.

    I do agree that a mass movement would be needed to change things, but the little things we can do can begin that change. Its all about those baby steps to improving what we do, and I think our world is at least starting to go in the right direction as awareness has improved.

  3. I think that is great that you think that way at least! I feel like all of us are going to have at least one new habit that is better for the environment.

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